Funkton is a software and consulting company focused on supporting professionals in their work practices. The company, formed in 2009, is wholly owned by its employees.

As a company we are committed to the following principles:

Efficiency. Together with the goal of improving the efficiency of our customers, we strive to improve our internal efficiency. We keep our promises and optimize the efficiency both during implementation and maintenance. Our employees are the key factor in creating efficiency, hence, we strongly feel that they should also be able to enjoy the benefits alongside the company.

Openness. Openness towards our clients balances the efficiency objective. We do not promise, what we cannot deliver or in the end does not benefit our customer. A good example is overdoing in customization, which could lead to significantly higher lifecycle costs of a solution. Internally openness emphasizes our view of employees forming our common community. We keep an open dialogue on targets and follow results versus targets with our employees. It helps us to create spirit and everyone in assessing their own contribution. Openness works both ways and we as a company also keep our ears open on employees' feedback and ideas.

Responsibility. We want to be a good corporate citizen and as part of it we try to minimize our ecological footprint. In practice this can be seen in us using energy efficiency as a criteria when choosing technologies for our solutions. In addition our goal is to minimize travel and utilizing public and human-powered transportation as much as feasible. Most of all, we value long-term customer, end-user and employee satisfaction above short-term gains.