In addition to solutions we share our competence and experience with our customers in various fields.

Investor relations consulting

Investor Relations: It’s all about managing expectations.

The most important success factor in IR work is to manage expectations – how to align the future expectations of a company's management  and its analysts/investors' both in short and long term. We can support you in finding the answers to what information you should communicate to the market, how you should communicate it and why. And conversely, what information should you collect from the market and communicate to the management of your company.

Customer relationship & price management

Customer relationship management (CRM) encompasses a multitude of processes and most of company's functions under a common umbrella. Funkton can assist you in

  • Project management in CRM system implementations
  • Developing fact based and systematic pricing guidelines and tools
  • Crystallizing your true needs regarding operations, systems and reporting
  • Developing customized tools for process and customer management.

Software development

We take pride in delivering solutions that meet the needs of our customers, on time and on budget. We work closely with our customers as we believe that communication is the key to successful projects. We understand the business challenges. We care about the end users.

Our capabilities span all the way from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. Our technical expertise covers a wide range of technologies ranging from cloud computing to enterprise and mobile application development. We also have a soft spot for intelligent systems and information visualization.

In addition to technical skills we have a broad range of domain knowledge including but not limited to

  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Content and records management systems
  • Communication services
  • Service monitoring and analytics
  • Software development automation.